It is with much delight and pleasure that I welcome you to Great Heights Academy.  “A new dawn in Education”.   A new dawn because years ago it was extremely difficult to give children “Western Education without dropping some or all parts of faith and servitude to Allah which is the only reason for which we have been created.

The major problem emanating from secularized education overshadowing the more balanced Islamic Education.  Hence, the need for establishing a school of high academic standards where especially, Muslim children would receive the best education without compromising religious values.

By the mercy of Allah, Muslims have obeyed the wake up call, that you can have both Western and Islamic education under one roof by establishing such schools.   Great Heights Academy is one of such schools but with a great difference.  We started with 15 pupils in the Nursery and Primary section in 2001.
Its remarkable success, encouragement and support from the Muslim Community together with need for continuity necessitated the establishment of the Secondary school section in 2002.  Great Heights Academy (Girls Secondary School) provides qualitative Education that gives young girls a sound foundation for life in this world and the hereafter.  Here at Great Heights Academy, Education and worship are in accordance with the teachings of Islam.   We inspire and stimulate the desire for self improvement and achievement of excellence. As a girls only school we are set to change the future generation of Muslim women.
Our school rules and ethics of Islam are set to counter balance negative social and environmental factors and influences producing  spiritually guided individuals who can compete intellectually anywhere in the world. As a strictly boarding school, we are able to inculcate moral values preparing them to be great ambassadors of Islam.

“A woman is the bedrock of the family and by extension the society therefore whatever role she plays either as a wife, a mother, a career woman or all, she needs knowledge and extra skills.  Most importantly, she requires specialized training combined with high academic and moral values, all of which Great Heights Academy is providing”.
I tell you, you have come to the right place as long as you share our vision for your child and cooperate with us.  We are strict but for a course, we may be rigid but all for the better.

Our facilities are excellent; come over and you will see that we leave no stone unturned to ensure that modern state of the art facilities and equipment are continuously being installed, and Students are exposed to new technology as it unfolds.  Our staff are carefully selected, qualified and dedicated.  We do not take things for granted; the staff undergo continuous training to keep abreast with developments in education around the world. Indeed the late Chairman, Alhaji Abdullah has left a legacy that will insha  Allah build a solid foundation for the next generation of Muslims who will pass through this highly respected school.  May Allah accept it as Sadaqatul Jariyya from him.  May Allah give us the wisdom and strength to uphold this legacy. (Amin).