Great heights academy nursery is a joyful learning place for pre-scholars. Fully stocked with learning facilities to develop pupils mentally, physically and socially.

Our Montessori facilities help to nurture their practical life skills. The pupils are organized individuals. We use the best approach in our phonics to get them start reading at the early stage with adequate resources.

Our wonderful, friendly and qualified teachers that facilitate learning undergo continuous training to keep them abreast of the 21st century demand for our children.

The classes in the nursery section are pre-nursery, tahfeez, nursery 1-3. The pre-nursery class offers practical life skills where they undergo different activities to develop their physical fitness, fine and gross motor coordination. Number work, Reading Readiness, Phonics, Qur’an, Islamic Religious Studies, Story Telling and Arabic are also offered in the class.
Our Nursery 1-3 classes offers the above subjects including Newstalk, Handwriting, and general Knowledge. We catch them young in equipping our children with our deen and reading of the glorious Qur’an. All these are put in raising children who are versatile in the deen and western education

In Great Heights Academy we nurture our children with hadith and glorious Qur’an which help in modifying and guiding their conducts as true Muslim children who are conscious of their creator and relationship

Finally, we run tahfeez programme which enables children to memorize the Holy Qur’an, speak, write and read Arabic fluently at tender age. Interested parents enroll their children at the end of Nursery 1. Al-hamdulillah! Our pupils have been doing excellently well in both tahfeez and regular classes Ma’asha Allah!