Great Heights academy is a faith based school located at Kado District Zone B9. Started 2002 with Nursery and Primary Section. Its remarkable success, encouragement and support from the Muslim community, together with the need for continuity, necessitated the establishment of the Girls Secondary School in 2003.

The vision for the establishment of the school came as a result of decline in the teaching of moral and spiritual values in the present day society, thus the need for a school that provides a serene atmosphere for the girl-child to develop and become a responsible adult.

The facilities on the current location of the school are being over stretched; the need for expansion and upgrade of facilities has become inevitable, in order for the school to actualize her vision and continue to provide opportunities for more children especially the girl child.

To tackle the challenge head on, the academy acquired a 3.1 hectare land behind base university, Abuja for her proposed permanent site

The school on her own cannot cope with the cost of actualizing the dream  project and therefore solicit for the support of everyone that believes in the education of the girl child