• All students must resume on resumption day; late arrival attracts punishment.
  • Five daily prayers must be strictly observed at their appropriate times in congregation
  • Attendance to all school activities are compulsory and punctuality must be adhered to.
  • Loitering during classes is not allowed.
  • English and Arabic are the only authorized languages of communication in the school.
  • Hostel rooms must be kept clean and neat at all times.
  • No student is allowed to sleep in a room other than that allocated to her
  • No two(2) students should share a bed
  • Students must always be clean and neatly dressed.
  • Prep times must be strictly observed.
  • Every student must handle school property & personal property carefully
  • Staff toilets are out of bounds to all students.
  • No student is allowed out of the school compound without permission.
  • During sports students must be dressed in their complete sports wears
  • Only the correct shoe colour should be worn. (Black school shoe for classes and white canvas for sports)
  • Hair must always be tidy and covered with hijab.
  • Any case of illness must be reported to the school Nurse immediately.
  • Students who bring drugs to school are expected to hand them over to the school Nurse.
  • Medical appointments that can wait till the end of the school term should not be used as an excuse to take students out.
  • Students are not allowed into the Kitchen for any reason.
  • All ironing should be done only in the ironing room and the electric iron should be disconnected immediately after use.
  • Quarrelling & fighting attracts serious sanction.
  • All acts of immorality, dishonesty and other acts of indiscipline are punishable.
  • Laboratory equipment should not be taken out of the labs
  • Library rules must be strictly obeyed.
  • Prohibited items should not be found with any student in the school premises.
  • Students who have siblings in the Primary school should note that receiving any contraband or prohibited item attracts suspension
  • Students who misbehave at school outings will be banned from going on (2) other outings.
  • No student is allowed to celebrate her birthday in the school.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the school before closing date even after examinations
  • Students will not be allowed to be taken out for naming ceremonies, weddings, Umrah or Hajj when the school is in session.

NB:  Students who become habitual offenders for some of the above may be suspended or expelled from the school without notice.

Students who act rudely or disrespectfully towards any staff may be asked to leave the school.

  • Visiting days

The last Sunday of every month is fixed for visiting days except when the last Sunday is a week after students’ resumption or a week before students’ vacation.  All edibles brought on Visiting Day must not be more than what she will consume within visiting time.

Parents/guardians will not be allowed to see their children except on visiting days. However, if for some other reasons parents/guardians wish to visit the school; this should be done during school hours (7.30am-3.30pm).


  • School time is 7: 45am – 1: 00pm for Nursery classes.

          7: 45am – 2: 30pm for primary classes.

         Fridays 7: 45am – 12: 30 all classes.

  • Assembly starts at 7.45am on Mondays & Fridays.
  • Lessons start at 8: 05am on Mondays & Fridays.
  • The school gates will be locked at 8:05 am, no pupil will be allowed in. Any child who comes late should go back home.
  • For security of the children, parents are advised to park cars outside and walk in.
  • Children must come to school clean and neatly dressed in the correct uniform, white socks and flat black covered/open shoes.
  • Every Wednesday, Pre- Nur – Pry 3 pupils are to come to school in their P.E wear.
  • Every Thursday, Pry 4 – 6 pupils are to come to school in their P.E wear.
  • Zuhr prayer is compulsory for primary children. Parents are hereby requested to submit (1) pair of bathroom slippers to the class teacher to be kept permanently in the class.
  • Parents should inform class teacher in writing where a child is likely to come late or cannot come to school because he/she will be taken to the hospital the following day.
  • Children must always be given snacks for lunch break and clean water in a water bottle. It is prohibited for them to come to school with money.
  • Parents should check that children bring back their homework whenever they are given.
  • Children must obey and respect teachers and adults in and around the school.
  • Children must not use abusive language, fight or bully their mates or younger children.
  • Children are not allowed to go outside the school compound unaccompanied.
  • Children should always speak English, French and Arabic in the school.
  • Children must take care of personal and school property always.
  • Willful damage of school property must be paid for.
  • Children should not touch sharp objects or electrical appliances.
  • Children should not bring any digital device e.g. Phone, laptop, and tablet to school
  • Library books should not be taken home. Parents should send them back when found.
  • Children should tell the truth always.
  • One or both parents must attend P.T.A meeting every term, and be punctual.
  • One or both parents must attend open days to see their children’s works and discuss progress with teachers.
  • One or both parents must see class teacher or H.M when a written notice is sent to them on issues concerning their child or children.
  • Parents should seek permission in writing where a child is going to be absent from school or suddenly has to be away from school with accepted reason (Accepted reason here do not include prolonged holidays, naming ceremonies, or weddings.
  • Only persons whose passport photographs have been submitted to the class teacher will be allowed to pick children after school. Parents must notify the management of any change or send the person with signed note to pick the child.